Kui Niu Ji

Hearing that he was going into the sea, the ROC suddenly looked bitter. Jiang Liubo naturally knew what he meant. He said with a smile, "

Hearing that he was going into the sea, the ROC suddenly looked bitter. Jiang Liubo naturally knew what he meant. He said with a smile, "You don't have to go by yourself. You can change whatever you can. I'll take you down." Although Dapeng's cultivation is Da Luo Jinxian, but this change of magical power is only superficial, change nothing like, let him change fish into the sea is naturally difficult for him. Jiang Liubo does not need to change, only to restore the body is, Kui Niu wandering in the East China Sea for millions of years, and now re-enter the sea, immediately chasing the waves, carefree, needless to say, is the big crab with wings crawling on his back, looking a little strange. Jiang Liubo is also helpless, at this time he studied out of the change of magic, to Dapeng Xiuwei can not be skilled to display, if that what 89 Xuangong and so on, Tianxian can display the change out, this gap is not a little bit. Look at this time the ROC changes out of the crab with wings, that looks very strange, Jiang Liubo can not bear to laugh any more, so as not to hit the ROC is already fragmented little heart. Two people into the sea, although early know this white careful, but wait to follow this white swim after half a day, is still for this white careful feel depressed unceasingly. Jiang Liubo immediately remembered the benefits of acting together with Xuanming. As soon as he used witchcraft,Cold Drawn Tubes, he didn't need any means. He knew all about it. It was simple and convenient. But he was embarrassed to learn the magical powers of the witches. He made up his mind that he must find a way to learn this means when he went back, so as not to waste a lot of time chasing a little fairy. It was too careful. The two of them swam westward for a long time. Half a day later, it suddenly turned south. Half a day later, it ran northward again. After a long time, it found a mountain under the sea and looked around for a long time. Then it continued to go south. Two people follow it for a long time, the head was turned by it a confused, only to see it come to a place, at a glance, suddenly know that this is the nest of the white. Appeared in the eyes of two people is a huge iceberg,side impact door beams, crystal clear, there is no debris inside, there is no life around, I think no life can stand the cold of the iceberg. When the white man came to the iceberg, he seemed to habitually spray a few mouthfuls of cold on the iceberg, and then he wagged his tail and disappeared into the iceberg. Jiang Liubo was afraid that it would escape by any more tricks, so he simply scattered thirty-six Dinghai beads, which enveloped tens of thousands of miles of seabed together with the sea water, and then broke through an ice hole with the ROC and chased the white. Chapter one, three, cute, white, weird monster. Jiang Liubo and Dapeng two carefully followed behind the white, has been followed for more than a thousand miles, just to see where the white cave. Into the white cave, two people immediately surprised. This is a hundred miles around the ice cave, which is more cold, Precision steel tubes ,aluminium coated steel tube, but the surprise is not its cold, but its beauty. Although this huge cave is at the bottom of the sea, there is not a drop of water. There are countless sparkling pearls above the cave, reflecting a mountain carved from ice in the middle of the cave. The mountain is majestic, with strange peaks and rocks, flowing springs and waterfalls, all made of ice. Although the flowers and trees in the mountains are all made of ice, they are lifelike and seem to be swaying with the wind. Even the birds that are about to sing loudly on the branches will fly up with the wind in the next moment, and the apes hanging on the vines between the cliffs will loosen their claws and jump down from the air in the next moment. Although the mountain was only ten miles in size, the two of them saw at a glance that the mountain was none other than Mount Buzhou. Although this is a countless times smaller Buzhou Mountain, but the majestic momentum is revealed, not to mention the above scenery is almost the same as Buzhou Mountain, at this time in the light of countless pearls, the ice sculpture of Buzhou Mountain is even more beautiful, people can not see. After a while, the two of them woke up from the shock and looked at the white one again. At this time, there was no white one in the cave, only a little girl carved in powder and jade, running around in the mountains. This little girl is only five or six years old. She is chubby, pink, tender and indescribably lovely. On her round little face, she has a pair of big watery eyes, a small pink nose that twitches slightly from time to time, and a small mouth that is slightly raised and red. How to look at it makes people feel pity. As she ran among the icebergs, her fleshy little arms would swing out, and there would be a big tree carved from ice, or a huge rock, or a bird in the tree. Seeing this scene, a cow and a winged crab at the entrance of the cave looked at each other, their eyes full of disbelief. No matter how lovely the little girl was, she could not hide it from their eyes. Naturally, she could see that the lovely little girl was just on the sea, freezing thousands of miles of sea, freezing and killing hundreds of giant beasts of thousands of miles in size, and in a twinkling of an eye devouring several giant beasts of thousands of miles. At this time, the white horse was running all over the mountain, looking at the flowers, birds, insects and animals, trees and rocks carved by herself in the ice. Her eyes were so clear that there was no cruel appearance of greedy devouring just now? Even if two people boast that they are well-informed, they can't help but be surprised to see this scene at this time. They thought they could find any clues when they came to the white cave, or Luo's, or the mutation of the West Sea, but they had guessed everything, but they didn't want to see such an incredible scene. Two people hesitated for a moment, the little girl seems to have finished today's work, satisfied with the small palm, and then looked at a small cliff just done, found a big ice rock, beautiful lying on it, began to sleep. The two men showed their bodies and then entered the cave. The little girl, who had been transformed into a white girl, seemed to be very relieved in the cave. She had not just hunted the monster. She had been cautious all the way. When they entered the cave, they did not use any magical power to hide their tracks. They had not even disturbed her. The two of them went all the way to the place where she was sleeping soundly and did not wake her up. Dapeng looked at her lovely sleep,precision welded tubes, stretched out a hand and pinched her slightly twitching nose. He did not want her to wake up. Dapeng smiled and reached out to pinch it again. Suddenly, the little girl opened her eyes and saw a hand reaching out to her. Instinctively, she opened her mouth and bit it. cbiesautomotive.com


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