Husbands all stiffen their bows.

"Evil spirits don't show their true colors yet!" Beichen Che took the wine on the table, from the woman's head petite, at this time, the egg has found other clothes to wear on the body, the hourglass has come to an end, he does not want to continue to walk naked.

"Evil spirits don't show their true colors yet!" Beichen Che took the wine on the table, from the woman's head petite, at this time, the egg has found other clothes to wear on the body, the hourglass has come to an end, he does not want to continue to walk naked. Is she a person or what? The egg looked at the woman in red who kept swinging her head crazily and asked Beichen Che in surprise. If I'm reading this right, it's a vampire. Beichen Che said that a pot of wine was poured out, and the red light in the woman's eyes slowly receded, and then he looked at them with dull eyes. Let me suck blood.. Let me suck.. The woman murmured in her mouth, and her red lips were bitten by her teeth, dripping red blood. Vampire zombies like to suck the blood of virgins, but she also likes non-virgins with deep skills. Beichen Che raised his hand, not knowing when there was a silver needle in his fingers. He sealed the woman's acupoint with a silver needle. The silver needle is specially made by Tianshi Gate. After soaking in the water of Tianchi Lake, it can calm ordinary zombies, but the zombies like Leng Wei, who have been practicing Taoism for thousands of years, have no effect. Beichen Che is glad that this woman is not deep, otherwise he and the egg will be doomed now. I didn't expect to meet a good news zombie in this place. Judging from his experience of killing demons in the heavenly masters, the woman must have wanted to absorb their souls, and then it was convenient for her to suck her own blood. So he kept quiet and pretended to be fixed by the woman. In fact, when the woman took out two hundred thousand silver tickets and walked toward them, he had already used his mind to crack her sorcery. Just now, he saw from the woman's walk and eyes that it was strange, so he informed the egg in advance, asking him to act according to his appearance for a while,plastic laminted tube, and his expression should be followed by the egg. He just wanted to lead the woman to act. Sorcery. But the egg previously did not take Beichen Che's practice very seriously, at the moment also had to believe. Shall we tell our sister first and discuss it with her? "Not yet. Let's try this woman. Maybe we can find out something." Beichen Che waved his hand to the egg, got out of bed and changed his clothes, confirmed that there was no movement around the room, and called the egg to jump out of the back window with the woman in red. Two slender figures carrying a big sack disappeared in the moonlight. Yan son waited in the room for a long time, did not see the egg and Beichen Che back, do not feel a little anxious, afraid they encounter any unexpected situation, after all,empty lotion tubes, here is not as big as Liang, her news network is weak, if they have something to do, it is difficult for her to know at the first time. Wait for a while, still do not see them come back, Yan son ready to find yuan Tianyi to discuss, who knows just opened the door, then see a dark shadow from the door quickly flashed. Yaner was startled and immediately thought of something. Leng Wei, I know it's you. Yan son said, walked out of the room, the shadow seemed to be behind the rockery opposite her, Yan son footsteps up, and then put down. He should have been hovering at the door of her room, he did not come in, of course, there is his reason. He felt that he could not face himself now, so why did he bother to chase after him and make him embarrassed. Behind the rockery is very quiet, aluminium laminated tube ,tube lip gloss, there is no sound, Yan son's heart, also along with a little bit of pain up. Some things are really hard to explain. Just like between you and me, from the unforgettable hatred to the final mutual love, this process is so bitter and bitter. But in the end, we were together. This is something I didn't dare to think about before. Now between me and the egg is the same, used to be dependent on each other's relatives, to the end, the family changed the taste, and now, between me and him. After a pause, she walked down the steps, sat on the ground, and looked up at the sky. The night was dark, the moon was bright, the breeze was blowing on her cheeks, and her heart suddenly wanted to be quiet. Live the simplest and most peaceful life. My feelings for the egg, there is also an element of gratitude in it, in my eyes, he is more relatives, for you, more is an inseparable concern, the same is love. I know, I am not a good woman, should not give a heart to so many people. But life goes on and on, a lot of things, guess the beginning, but can not guess the end, between you and me, I can not guess the end, but I hope you can always stay with me, that day, you left without saying goodbye, yuan Tianyi told me when you left, I know how important you are to me. You may not believe this, but you are really better than anyone else for me. However, my emotions, but it is difficult to give you only one person. About the egg, about the Yelv Tuo that has passed away, I can't help it too much. Yaner sighed silently and buried his head between his legs, very tired. Especially after arriving in this country of women. She understood Leng Wei's mood, and it was hard for him to accept that a man had come to such a place. She wanted to comfort him, but was delayed by too many complicated things, until what happened in the egg room last night ignited the flame that had gathered in Leng Wei's heart these days. Leng Wei, I'm going to find yuan Tianyi now. He and Beichen Che have been out for a long time and haven't come back yet. I'm not at ease. Yan son said to get up, took a deep look behind the rockery. It was so quiet that it was hard to imagine a person standing there. Yan son seems to be able to feel the cold only sad look and breath, she does not want to disturb him, rather than embarrassed face, it is better to calm down, with each other time slowly digest. After Yaner left, Leng Wei dodged out. Looking at her petite figure in a daze. In his heart, he had always thought that she would not belong to him alone. There were too many people around her who paid for her. It's just that he's always been silly and wants to be her only one. Want to monopolize her, spoil her, love her, for a lifetime. Now it seems that this lifetime is impossible. Leng Wei's slender body leaned on the rockery,plastic packing tube, and a drop of crystal tears fell from his deep eyes. Why don't you just play dumb and lie to yourself that you can accept that she has someone else in her heart. Acceptable. He's not the only one she has. As long as I can stay with her, I can accept anything. It's good to be so self-deceiving and self-deceiving. He can only do so. Who called him, already can not leave her.


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