Mumian Mummy Silagate Benefits

Mumian Mummy Silagate Benefits

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Where is the Mumian Mummy silagate sold?


 Sold by attar



 How do I use Mumian Mummy silagate?

 Put a gram of Mumian Mummy silagate in a cup of water and boil over the fire for 5 minutes, then drink it


 You can put it in milk, boil it, and then drink it


 When will the results of Mumian Mummy silagate come out


 Results often appear after a month of using it



 What is Mumian Mummy silagate?


 A black herb that has a strange shape and name. It resembles stones with a soft and sticky substance, made from animal waste and nests. Excrements are compressed by extreme cold and heat and formed inside rocks and tall mountains.  life, and when rain falls on the mountains in the winter, more rubber regenerates in the stones, which is why it is called the mummy.


 The rain causes the mummies to come out between the rocks in its known form, and it freezes in the winter and disintegrates during the heat, and it contains 86 concentrated minerals and may not cause side effects or harm to those who use it as a treatment.  Today, in light of this strange herb, the Chinese are trying to study it to find all the information about it






 Mumian Mummy silagate benefits for general health


 Mumian Mummy silagate has many benefits and is distinctive for human health, as mentioned in the books of the first Muslim doctors, and among these advantages are the following


  Forgetting Cure: Mumian Mummy silagate is used to stimulate memory and reduce people's forgetfulness

  Treatment of fractures: Mumian Mummy silagate contains substances that contribute to the restoration of collagen, which consists of bones, and plays an important role in the treatment of fractures.


  Bladder treatment: the benefits of Mumian Mummy silagate is the treatment of urinary cuts in some people, eliminating urethritis and freeing the body of toxins


  Proteins treat prostatitis and symptoms associated with this inflammation

  Erectile Dysfunction Treatment: Mumian Mummy silagate is used to increase sexual efficiency in men, and it is one of the oldest recipes in India to treat erectile dysfunction problems.


  Treatment of blood problems: Mumian Mummy silagate contributes to the treatment of blood levels

   Mumian Mummy silagate is a very powerful stimulant and stimulant

  Mumian Mummy silagate strengthens the efficiency of the liver and contributes to the treatment of its problems

  Wound Healing: The ancient Mumian Mummy silagate was used to treat wounds and fractures of war veterans, heal wounds and accelerate wounding.


  Improves blood circulation for those who eat it

  Pain treatment: Mumian Mummy silagate is a good place for pain caused by fractures and various injuries


 Mumian Mummy silagate helps keep skin tight, reduces wrinkles and promotes skin renewal


 It contains high amounts of fulvic acid which helps in the absorption of essential nutrients from food which in turn nourishes your skin


 Mumian Mummy silagate prevents the aging process as it possesses antioxidant properties and prevents damage to

 It contains high amounts of fulvic acid which helps in the absorption of essential nutrients from food which in turn nourishes your skin


 Mumian Mummy silagate prevents the aging process as it possesses antioxidant properties and prevents cell damage due to free radicals


 One of the main reasons why Mumian Mummy silagate is good for health is that it contains abundant amounts of fulvic acid.


 Fulvic acid helps improve your gut's ability to absorb essential nutrients and minerals from food


 It also improves digestion, boosts immunity, reduces inflammation and increases energy levels in the body


 Mumian Mummy silagate also contains essential minerals (such as iron, selenium, zinc and calcium), vitamins, terpenoids and phospholipids.


  Mumian Mummy silagate is rich in ionic vitamins and minerals which are essential for healthy hair growth, here are the benefits of Mumian Mummy silagate for hair


 The fulvic acid and humic acid found within Mumian Mummy silagate provide our bodies with much-needed nutrients that we need to be healthy, stay alert and have healthy skin, nails and hair.


 When you take Mumian Mummy silagate daily, it will provide you with what you need to be strong and healthy follicles.


 Many people think that feeling tired after a very long day is normal but this can be resolved by taking Mumian Mummy silagate supplements.


  Mumian Mummy silagate is a great supplement to boost energy levels and help people feel like they can handle all their daily chores with ease.


  Mumian Mummy silagate boosts mitochondrial function 1 in cells This is where your body's energy is generated An extra boost of energy can help you improve the way you work and behave throughout the day

 In women, estrogen deficiency during and after menopause reduces calcium absorption and increases osteoporosis. As a result, bones become thin, brittle and weak.


 Mumian Mummy silagate can also have positive effects on bone health


 It contains good amounts of calcium and also improves the body's ability to absorb it from other food sources


 As a result, it can help prevent conditions such as osteoporosis and keep bones healthy and strong


 Mumian Mummy silagate helps balance the level of various hormones in the body, especially female reproductive hormones that cause back pain at menopause or during menstruation.


 Mumian Mummy silagate regulates these reproductive hormones like estrogen and progesterone


 By balancing these hormones, Mumian Mummy silagate can help women have regular painless cycles.


 Taking Mumian Mummy silagate can also help reduce menstrual pain and back cramps



 side effects

 Despite the many benefits that Mumian Mummy silagate brings to the health of the body, the use of its raw material may negatively affect human health, due to the fact that it contains several pollutants and harmful elements such as fungi, free radicals, etc., the most important of which are:


 The use of its raw material may cause dizziness.

 The occurrence of an irregular heartbeat so that it becomes more than the normal rate.



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